Wrong Fuel Recovery Solutions for When You’ve Put Petrol in a Diesel Car

Petrol in a Diesel Car

Wrong Fuel Recovery Solutions for When You’ve Put Petrol in a Diesel Car

Although it may sound weird to you, misfuelling is one of the major problem facing diesel vehicle owners, and it happens frequently with a lot of people. The mistake of filling the tank with petrol instead of diesel is very easy than diesel for petrol. This is because; the petrol nozzle can fit easily into diesel filter nozzles causing a confusion. Also, misfuelling can be as a result of owning different vehicles which may lead to a confusion when it comes to fuelling as one fuels a vehicle with the wrong fuel.

Diesel engines are mostly prone to damage by misfuelling. Diesel acts as a lubricant which helps the fuel pump to function correctly. But when petrol is fuelled instead of diesel, leads to the damage of the fuel pump, fuel injection system and filters since petrol acts as a solvent, hence, no protection to the engine.

However, some car owners start the engine unknowingly and this may cost them a lot to repair and replace the engine.

What to do.

What matters here is where you have realized that you have made the misfuelling. If it is at the petrol station, then it is easier than when you have already started the car and it happens to stop on the way.

While at the fuel station.

If you realize while still at the station, the first thing to do is to put the key back to your pocket and not to switch on the ignition, as switching it will activate the fuel pump in the tank, which in turn causes the fuel contamination as the circulation will begin. By not igniting, reduces the matter to the fuel tank a lone. The next thing is to put the car into neutral and push it to a good place and call the fuel attendants or experts. It is advisable to inform your insurer just in case of anything.

If it’s on the road.

If you realize after getting on the road, stop at a safer place and call the assistance line immediately. Your car will be taken by a breakdown to a mechanic who will be able to access the amount of damage done in the engine.

The only solution to this is draining and flushing. After calling for assistance, the mechanics will take on the role of draining the petrol from the tank and then flush it with the diesel fuel to adopt the engine to the diesel fuel for its protection and proper functioning.

Preventive measures to avoid misfuelling

  • Fitting a diesel head onto the nozzle of the diesel filter, so as to differentiate it from the petrol nozzle.
  • Checking the color of the pump. Diesel pumps are usually yellow. Also focus on the label on the pump.
  • Don’t fuel in a hurry.
  • Installing aftermarket device which plays the role of blocking the narrow nozzle of petrol.

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